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"Daily Social Media Prompts 365"

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How it Works:​

1. ​Each prompt will go in depth to explain how you can mold the prompt to fit your business' content needs, in addition to giving you effective examples on how to repurpose your content so you can use one idea multiple ways.

You will also get reminders for the holidays that fall on each "prompt day", but keep in mind, this is not meant to give you 50 prompts reminding you which holidays are coming up.

These are content ideas structured from real digital marketing strategies to help increase your traffic and engagement to your business, website, products, or services. 

This method allows you to decrease the amount of time you spend on figuring out what to post on your Business Facebook Page, Instagram, Linked in, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog, Website, etc!


2. ​You will receive one prompt each day for 365 days. The reason for this is to not overwhelm you with too much information. Each prompt is meant to inform while giving you fast content ideas for your business. However, receiving all the prompts at once could result in you falling behind on publishing valuable content consistently for your ideal audience.

Additionally, we want to make sure the prompts we are sending you throughout the year have the most current information and gives us the ability to update any details that are no longer relevant in the marketing world throughout the year.  

3. Lastly, you will have access to contact us directly via email with any questions you might have throughout your daily prompt journey. If you need further examples or details explained about a particular daily prompt, simply email us with your inquiry and we will answer as soon as possible!