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Having been established as a family owned business for the past 25 years, Personnel 2000 Recruitment was due for an explosive rebrand that would inform locals and international candidates alike that they were still the most proactive and hungry recruitment agency on the Island. 

They had previously outsourced their marketing efforts to a local company that offered no coordinated strategy, no vision and failed to communicate the value of working a well established Caymanian company reverting to the bland and stereotypical strategy of posting job ads with beaches and palm trees like every other company on the Island.   


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Representing Personnel 2000 as the international organization that it truly was as opposed to the small time local company they were being portrayed as, was task number one. Rebranding and upgrading their website, introducing an effective email marketing sales strategy, reformatting all their sales materials and documents to align with the new look and feel of the company. Creating a full content strategy became vital in the capturing of new leads and candidates. Setup and consistent management of their linkedin, twitter, facebook, and instagram accounts was essential in raising awareness that they were stronger than ever and still a powerhouse in matching candidates with quality roles in the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Jersey, Guernsey, and London. 



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Our creative communications and strategic campaigns across social media, local news publications, and local events catapulted them into public consciousness and back to the forefront of the island's financial and legal sectors. 
Social media efforts attracted high quality international candidates across the UK, US, and Canada qualified for the robust financial and legal roles within this corner of the Caribbean. 


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