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Fitness Feasts


The team at Fitness Feasts had a clear idea of how they wanted their brand and company to be represented, but they did not have the time or expertise to be able to deliver that vision. Running a meal prep company and a personal fitness business, proved a challenge to the co-owner, who needed to free up some of his time to concentrate on other important aspects of the business.
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After consultation we refined Fitness Feasts' vision and structured a full marketing campaign with both digital and traditional methods across multiple platforms. This included promotional digital material, website upgrade, SEO implementation, and necessary print work for new updated menus, partnerships, and community events. 
With a full strategy built around consistent scheduled content with informative material that both connects and creates engagement with the local community. We successfully promoted the quality of their services to their target audience compared to other meal prepping businesses in the industry. 
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This strategy has allowed Fitness Feasts to tap into the lucrative Northern Virginia fitness market. We built strong relationships with complimentary businesses in the area that further establish Fitness Feasts as the premium farm to table meal prepping company in Virginia. 
The owners are now free to concentrate on their areas of expertise, where all their marketing work has been outsourced to "My Digital Marketer". This has reduced their workloads to allow them to focus on other pressing areas of their business. 
Following our engagement with the business, we significantly increased their web traffic through our proposed digital marketing strategy. As a direct consequence of this web traffic to their newly designed e-commerce website, the company has experienced tangible increases in both their sales and profitability. 
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