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Infinity Consulting


[Website Design - Complete Branding]


Infinity Consulting, as a new start business, needed professional guidance and advice on how to take their business to market. Becoming trusted and well known locally was a difficulty they were facing in the highly competitive immigration industry in the Cayman Islands. Additionally, a streamlined approach to sales and print marketing materials was a critical part this local business needed assistance in designing. 




Using a combination of web analytics and user research we found out where we can have the biggest business impact. In order to maximize opportunities for this Immigration Consultancy, we tested social and google ads to direct potential clients to our newly designed and branded website.  Focusing on Infinity Consulting's long-term performance, we consolidated content management across its brand and delivered a unified digital experience worldwide. 


[Document Formatting - Sales Presentation Sample Work]

[Print Work - Brochure]


Infinity has become a trusted industry leader in the caribbean for sensitive immigration related matters. Their brand is well known, the management team can spend time focusing on what they are great at while their marketing activities are taken care of by our professionals. As a result, overall revenue increased because of our brand awareness and strategically targeted web traffic. 


[Document Formatting - Branded Business Cards]


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