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Detail Kings 


A top local luxury car detailing business that provides high end services for top of the line vehicles found lack of time to be their biggest difficulty. Many businesses can relate to this being a major source of frustration when there is little to no time in their day to day to build a reputable online presence. Understanding that most of his customers were able to find his business through social media and google ads organically, there was a clear need to create a more structured approach.


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Rather than hiring another employee for this position, Detail Kings opted to find an outsourced marketing service that could take on everything from creating a content strategy to social and google ads with minimal loss of time in their daily routine. We stepped in to create the highest return on paid advertisements to have the biggest business impact. Focusing on design and branding, we were able to elevate their online presence to attract the customers Detail Kings needed. 


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Detail Kings will continue to receive the benefits of their online presence transformation as their business continues to attract their target audience from curated posts and design work. With a renewed energy, their management team is able to focus on other integral business processes and free up their valuable time. 


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