About "My Digital Marketer"

A marketing agency geared towards creating a sense of community and elevating local businesses.

Hi there business owners, hardworking professionals, career driven peeps, success chasers, we hear you, we see you, and we're proud of you! We are mydigitalmarketer.org and we can 100% relate to your business owner struggles. 

Working with small to medium businesses is our passion. Why? We find so much inspiration in connecting with hard working individuals like you that have taken a brave leap of faith in turning a dream into a business

Our goal is to make the marketing aspect of your business function seamlessly. Making the digital path to your products and services clearer to your ideal customers. Our experience in organizing and automating social media schedules, creating relevant and engaging content, and tailoring a marketing strategy that will help you "kick it up a notch" is what we get excited about.

Best of all we'll help you reduce the time you work on marketing for your business so you can get back to being great at what you're great at.

We have packages that include the necessary pillars of what we know every business needs to include in their marketing strategy.


Branding is all about

"Curation, so when you're wondering what to share - the answer should be informed by your strategic plan or main focus."
-Quinn Tempest


Our packages are created to include:
  1. Social profile content creation strategy (i.e. What should you post? Have a "content bank".)
  2. Social media management strategy (i.e. Content schedule and monthly calendar)
  3. Website graphics & SEO evaluation 
  4. Email marketing strategy
  5. Social & Google ads
  6. Community engagement
  7. Print marketing materials (i.e. Printed sales materials for your business)
  8. Document formatting (i.e. Digital sales PDF's for your business

    Bespoke digital marketing packages specifically for your business where we can fill in the blanks of what you might be missing in your current strategy, are also available.

    Make it easy on yourself starting now!